Everis Inc.


Everis has established itself as a leading research organization within the ever evolving cyberspace arena. Our experience and skill sets provide solutions ranging from secure web browsing from a PC to sophisticated seven layer internet core appliances capable of assuring nation state survivability on the internet in an environment that is continually hostile.

The company prides itself on OSI network layer parsing and correlation at line rates up to 40 gbps. The application of correlative and statistical engines allows for inclusion of standards, adaptive abnormalities and emerging network metadata thereby providing unique core level capabilities. Those capabilities include WAN entry location, DDOS mitigation, BGP router protection and spoofed IP detection to name a few.

It is important to distinguish the company’s work as complementary to Deep Packet Inspection, flow monitoring and gateway firewalls while pointing out the unique assimilation of additional information and capabilities that insure the ability to operate in todays Cyber World regardless….


  • Everis can augment your research team with our experience and fully operation SONET WAN 7 layer test facility located in upstate NY. The company offers a unique blend of research and applied technology transition that focuses on fielded results.

Law Enforcement-

  • Ever wonder how to possible make sense out of the complexity of information that streams across the internet? The Everis LISP platform can take ANY stream or captured stream file and easily recreate the , files, website, chat and email that exists within. We do this without having to load specific software on everyone’s PC nor by requiring Einstein to be part of your department.


  • Todays leading threat experts are warning of the PDF threat as a top threat for 2010. Did you know that your firewall can not stop it? Email attachments that have PDFs embedded will pass all firewall and virus detection as the threat stems from something an exploitation that is a normal PDF interaction with Windows. Everis can stop it, our CyOON solution set is unequaled in capability when it comes to cross layer interactive threats.
Everis Inc.