Everis Inc.


An SDK for Optical Network cyber development based off LibSFcap

Everis offers a unique line of products and services that provide visibility into the Internet cloud.   Working at the lowest network layers, we  go “Beyond Defense In Depth” by providing information that DPI and NIDS based monitoring can not. LiveSFcap is the beginning of your journey into the cloud, whether looking to see, locate or control cyber space… it all starts here.

LiveSFCap is a live environment for developing optical cyber tools that are based on libSFCap. The LiveSFCap CD is a bootable Linux distrobution based on Gentoo that has all the utlities needed to start working with LibSFCap and the Endace Dag Card. Not just software, but also compilers and needed libraries for code development and higher level security mechanism interfacing. The LiveCD will allow you to run the utilities from the disc itself after it has been booted and configured, this includes raw and LibSFCap processed captures.

On top of the normal Linux command line utilities custom  configuration scripts have been included for network, long term storage, Dag software setup and more. To limit a system slowdown, and increase the flexibility of the utilities, the live cd can be installed directly to the hard-drive in just a few steps using the included installer. Users of the LiveSFCap will be able to capture data from their optical network, process is locally through LibSFCap, and hand off the output off (via a second network interface, or internally on the same system) to other higher level software for processing.

Everis Inc.